Terms and Conditions #GirlBikeRevolution #3Dams Program


  1. Riders ride at their own risk.
  2. Riders acknowledge that cycling is a dangerous activity.

Deposits, Refunds and Payments

  1. $500.00 of the program fee is non-refundable. 
  2. No refunds are available after 1 October 2017.
  3. Payments must be finalised by 31st December 2017.
  4. Entry to the BWA 3Dams Challenge is NOT included. 


  1. Please choose kit sizing carefully, these can only be exchanged where extra sizing is available.
  2. Riders may advertise or request a swap via the Private Facebook Group once they have checked with Girl Bike Revolution Management if there are spares.

Missing Session (s)

  1. Missed training sessions cannot be made up.

Bad Weather

  1. Where the weather is declared too dangerous to ride, riders will be sent a trainer session or suggested a Sufferfest training video to complete instead.
  2. Riders are responsible for the costs associated with the Sufferfest training videos, Girl Bike Revolution takes no responsibility for any additional costs for Sufferfest training this includes downloading of video’s and purchasing the rights to using the video’s.
  3. Riders may use any other training platform that they prefer to complete the training session, coaches will not give opinion on which other training platform or program to use.

Ride Cancellation

  1. Ride cancellation will be communicated no less than one (1) hour before the session is due to start, all cancellations will be posted via the Private Facebook Group.
  2. Riders should not message instructors regarding cancellation, cancellations will be advertised via the Private Facebook Group no less than one (1) hour before the session is due to commence.

Ride start times

  1. All rides and sessions will begin five (5) minutes after the advertised time, for example, if a ride is schedule for 6am the ride will begin at 6:05am.
  2. Riders must be ready to ride at the designated ride time.
  3. We will not wait for late riders. 


  1. Hills rides are fortnightly on Sunday’s, support will carry spare water only, riders must arrive with two (2) full waters bottles and their own nutrition.
  2. All communication will be via a Private Facebook Group once the training has commenced, all riders will require Facebook Profile to participate.


  1. Riders are required to have their own Cycling Insurance for when they ride their bike on the road, Bicycle Western Australia, Triathlon Australia and Cycling Australia all offer options for riders who ride on the road. Girl Bike Revolution takes no responsibility for the insurance chosen by riders, the insurance must cover the rider and the rider must have personal liability insurance included.
  2. Girl Bike Revolution is insured by AON.


  1. All cancellations will be advised via the Private Facebook Page with a minimum of one (1) hours’ notice.
  2. Any changes of location will be advised via the Private Facebook Page with a minimum of twelve (12) hours.
  3. The most recent notice to the Private Facebook Page will be pinned to the top of the group page for easy access.
  4. Private messages will only be accepted through Girl Bike Revolution Facebook Page, please do not message Rowena Scott, Paul McVey or any of our coaches privately when it involves the Girl Bike Revolution three dams program.
  5. Messages will be responded to as soon as possible.
  6. Messages will routinely not be responded to before 8am and after 7pm, unless it is viewed as an emergency or of great importance by the coach.


  1. Riders understand that their image maybe used in future advertising or marketing.

Training Program

  1. All riders will be issued with a training program.
  2. The training program will be the same for all riders.
  3. Training programs will be issued in three (3) weeks blocks.
  4. Personalised programs can be issued at an additional cost to the rider.


  1. All riders will be added to the Girl Bike Revolution Strava page before the program starts.

Most Improved Rider Overall

  1. One (1) award will be given to the Most Improved Rider Overall.
  2. Girl Bike Revolution Riders will nominate riders for the award.
  3. Girl Bike Revolution Riders may only nominate one (1) person for the award.
  4. Girl Bike Revolution Riders may not nominate themselves for the award.
  5. Coaches will make the final decision on Most Improved Rider Overall should there be a tie.
  6. The most improved rider will receive a Trophy with their name on it.