Girl Bike Revolution's Responsibility to our Participants       

Girl Bike Revolution takes our riders safety very seriously. Girl Bike Revolution has the following policies in place to ensure that injuries are minimised and if there is an accident that participants are looked after in the best way possible.

At the start of each ride:

  • Girl Bike Revolution will run a safety check of all bicycles to ensure that the bike is in working order.
  • Girl Bike Revolution will check that all helmets are fitted in line with recommended standards.
  • Girl Bike Revolution will provide a safety briefing explaining hand signals that should be used on the bike to alert others in the group of any upcoming obstacles and/or hazards.
  • Girl Bike Revolution will explain that the road rules must be followed at all times and that anyone breaking the rules will be removed from the ride. *

During each ride:

  • Girl Bike Revolution ride leaders and support vehicle are making sure you drink water and electrolyte to ensure that our participants are adequately hydrated.
  • Girl Bike Revolution provides a variety of different foods in line with any allergies or preferences to ensure that you are adequately fueled for the duration of the ride and the drive home. 
  • Girl Bike Revolution has the right to remove a rider from the ride and place them in the support vehicle if we believe that rider is a risk to the others around them.*
  • Girl Bike Revolution provides each participant with a full water bottle of electrolyte provided by Bindi Nutrition for their drive home.

In case of a serious accident:

  • Girl Bike Revolution ride leaders have First Aid Training.
  • Girl Bike Revolution support vehicle includes comprehensive first aid kits.
  • Girl Bike Revolution has the right to overrule your choice to decline an ambulance.
  • Girl Bike Revolution will stop the ride.

*Should a rider be removed from a ride due to health concerns by Girl Bike Revolution or by breaking road rules there will be no refund to that rider.

Your responsibility to Girl Bike Revolution

Participants on Girl Bike Revolution have responsibility to us to by:

  • Ensuring that they are medically fit before participating in a tour by visiting their doctor if they are unsure.
  • Ensuring that they are able to ride confidently in a group.
  • Ensuring that their bike has been checked by a bicycle mechanic and is in working order.
  • Ensuring that you are adequately hydrated before and during the ride.
  • Ensure that you have discussed any issues or concerns with Girl Bike Revolution leaders and support staff.
  • Ensure that you have spent plenty of time on your bike in preparation for your chosen tour, whilst we don’t believe in rigid training schedules we do believe in riding as often as you can with as many friends as you can find.
  • Ensure that you have experienced a variety of conditions whilst riding your bike.
  • Ensure that you obey the road rules at all times.