She Rides On powered by Girl Bike Revolution

All riders must have Cycling Australia Insurance, head to their website for further information. Girl Bike Revolution recommends Ride+ for recreation riders, Girl Bike Revolution also recommends riders choose an insurance product that is right for them.  




She Rides On is a group riding program for women who have the skills and confidence to ride, and who are looking to join a regular social ride with like-minded women. 

Designed as the next step in your She Rides journey, She Rides On is structured as a series of weekly social group rides. In addition to helping you build your riding fitness, She Rides On will also take you out exploring new local riding routes with a bunch of women who love to ride, lead by a She Rides Leader.


She Rides On exists to ensure that She Rides participants have a bunch to ride with regularly once they have completed our Together program. While some locations have plenty of ride-on options that are well suited for our She Rides graduates, we understand that this is not always the case. Where there is a demand for She Rides On, we will be working with our local Leaders to implement the best possible program for the area. 

Structured as a series of weekly social rides, She Rides On will allow participants to continue to ride regularly and build on their riding fitness, while exploring local riding routes in the same social and inclusive environment that defines She Rides. 


If the description below sounds like you, then She Rides On is for you!

"I have done She Rides Confidence and Together programs. I love riding and would like to keep riding regularly with a group of like-minded women in an environment that is social  and inclusive, but which will still give me the opportunity to develop riding fitness and skills".

"I am a confident bike rider, and while I haven't completed a She Rides program, I am confident in my skills and keen to find a social bunch of women to ride with on a weekly basis." 

A road bike and clipped in pedals are prerequisites for participation in She Rides On. If you are keen to be involved, but not too sure about clipped in pedals, please feel free to give us a call to discuss. 

All She Rides On participants must hold a Cycling Australia Ride Basic, Ride + or Race membership. For more information, or to join, please visit the Cycling Australia Membership website


You do not have to be a past She Rides participant to join She Rides On. There is a prerequisite skill level, equivalent to She Rides Together, that will be assumed of women who do join this program, so if you are a confident rider who is comfortable riding in a bunch, then She Rides On is also for you. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Session Dates and Times (locations may change, however, locations will always be in a central Perth location)

  • 12 August - Narrows (South Side)
  • 19 August - Narrows (South Side)
  • 26 August - Narrows (South Side)
  • 2 September - Maylands Train Station
  • 9 September - Maylands Train Station
  • 16 September - Maylands Train Station
  • 30 September - The Tenth State (Broadway, Nedlands)
  • 7 October - The Clean Food Store (Subiaco)
  • 14 October - The Tenth State (Broadway, Nedlands)
  • 21 October - The Clean Food Store (Subiaco)
  • 28 October - Maylands Train Station
  • 4 November - Maylands Train Station

All riders must have a Cycling Australia Membership, Cycling Australia Membership helps support grass roots programs for everyone all over Australia. Girl Bike Revolution suggests Ride + Membership for the recreational rider, however it is up to each and every rider to ensure that this is the right insurance for them.