#GirlBikeRevolution #3Dams Inclusions! 

20 Weeks in Total

  • It'll be great and we ease you into it! 

2 x Strength session per week

  • Kings Park and Attadale Location.
  • Tuesday and Thursday's at 6am - 7:15am.
  • Building strength will help build your endurance.
  • Having better endurance means you can ride for longer.

8 x Hills Ride (Sundays)

  • It's no good training for a hills ride if you're not going to the hills, we take you to the hills, make sure you don't get lost and we always have fun!
  • Sundays at 5:30am if starting from Perth area.
  • Sundays at 6:00am if starting from Kalamunda, Mundaring or Pickering Brook.
  • We carry spare water and some treats.
  • You must carry 2 x Water Bottle.
  • You must carry food for you (lollies, gels, jam sandwich).
  • We wait for you at the top of each hill.
  • One coach will always ride with the slowest person… no matter how slow!

Learn to Climb, Descend and Corner.

  • Tuesday/Thursday Mornings at the beginning of the course.
  • 6am start time.
  • Kings Park Location.
  • Refining your bike skills makes you a better bike rider.
  • We don't teach you to do any of these skills like a mad dog, but we do teach you how to do them safely within your limits and those limits are different for everyone!

Bike maintenance session.

  • Self-sufficiency is key.
  • Change a tube.
  • Get that chain back on.
  • Learn to clean the drive train to keep you riding whilst making it more affordable. 

Group sessions with a dietitian (optional)*

  • Tuesday nights.
  • Three (3) sessions.
  • It's not about weight loss or going on a diet. 
  • It's about fueling your body as an athlete. 
  • Giving your body the nourishment it requires to get you through your training, your work day and the #3dams ride on April 8, 2018.
  • Whilst this is optional, it is included in the fee and #GirlBikeRevolution believes that you will benefit from this, not just today but in the future.

Group sessions with a Sports Psychologist (optional)*

  • This isn't about fixing you, you are all unique and deserve to be seen as such, we only want you to be able to complete this challenge as your best self.
  • It is about controlling those anxieties.
  • It is about dealing with fear. 
  • It is about making your mind stronger when you ride your bike and turn that negative thinking into something positive.

Girl Bike Revolution Jersey

  • It's bright!
  • We can't miss you! 
  • We'll know you're with us! 

Bike sticker with your name for your bike!

  • It will help you remember all the other women you ride with at #GirlBikeRevolution.
  • It will help #GirlBikeRevolution remember your name in the early days of the course commencing.


  • 2 x Bidons (Water Bottles) from Specialized Bikes Australia.
  • 1 x A3 “Worth It: A Manifesto for the Not-Quite Sure” Poster – it’s everything #GirlBikeRevolution believes in and we want to share that with you!

Training program provided in 3 - 4 weekly blocks

  • We don't give it all to you at once. 
  • We want to see how you're going.
  • We don't want you to get scared about what’s coming up!
  • You don’t need a power meter or heart rate monitor to train with us; just your perceived effort!

1 x ICE Sticker (In-Case of Emergency).

  • Worst case scenario.
  • We just want to make sure you'll be okay.
  • Your family wants to make sure you'll be okay. 
  • This gives the paramedics information about who you are so they can treat you in the best way possible.  

*Items that are optional are still included in the cost of the program, we encourage you to take part in the entire program to get the best results.